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Special Consideration and Reasonable Adjustments

Commercial Skills has a responsibility to ensure all learners have equal opportunities to reach their full potential and are committed to guiding learners through the the process with us and/or the relevant awarding organisation.

We recognise that reasonable adjustments or special consideration may be required at the time of studying and/or assessment where learners:

Depending on the qualification type and assessment method method the application for a reasonable adjustment or special consideration may differ and can be found below however we recommend that learners first notify Commercial Skills before following these procedures for guidance and assistance and in case Commercial Skills can offer their own adjustment and considerations.

Contact: kellie.mccallum@commercialskills.com

CIPS Special Consideration and Reasonable Adjustment Policy (for CIPS examination learners) https://www.cips.org/Documents/Qualifications/Online%20assessment/Reasonable-Adjustments-Special-ConsiderationPolicy-ProcedureG6.2_Jan18.pdf

Gateway Qualifications Special Consideration and Reasonable Adjustment Policy (for competency based qualifications) http://www.gatewayqualifications.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/Reasonable-Adjustments-and-Special-Consideration-Policy.pdf