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Procurement Training

Commercial Skills can provide bespoke on-site procurement training and development programmes. We offer a range of services that are ideally carried out together as a full package but we can deliver some standalone:

These are delivered to improve performance by increasing the competence level of each player.

To ensure that the training is relevant and is going to make a difference, we work with you to understand your department needs and follow a structured approach.

In-company Procurement Training

We offer bespoke training workshops covering a wide range of areas. Below are examples of some that we deliver but we can work with you to agree a content bespoke to your department needs:

•     Sourcing
•     Supplier Appraisal
•     Purchasing Skills
•     Negotiation
•     Advanced Negotiation
•     Contract Management
•     Partnering and Relationship Management
•     Developing Purchasing Strategy
•     Finance for Purchasers
•     Inventory Management
•     Team Building
•     Presentation Skills
•     Statistics for Purchasing


Competence Framework

The starting point for any assessment process is to determine what the procurement team or individual needs by way of knowledge and skills to be able to perform effectively. Each team member should have a role statement containing key competences and we will work with you to produce a framework relevant to your department and team needs.


Training Needs Analysis

The purpose of a Training Needs Analysis is to identify skill and knowledge gaps in your team and this information is drawn out through the 3 key stages to a training needs analysis:

1. Determine the required competences (Competence Framework)
2. Assess the actual level of competence against the required level of competence. We do this through questionnaires, interviews and individual assessments.
3. Analysis of results and development plan

Full Corporate Programme

We can provide a full turnkey package to: determine a competence framework for the department followed by carrying out an analysis to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the procurement team as a whole and as individual key players. We can also produce a development plan to include training workshops and/or procurement qualifications.


More Information

As these services are provided bespoke to each company we do not produce a standard information pack. Please contact us to discuss any of the services available and we can produce some information based on your requirements.