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Appeals Procedure



As part of the Awarding Bodies Common Accord (July 1997) and awarding organisation requirements learners should have access to fair and reliable assessment in which they play a full part. If this ‘access’ is to be meaningful the learner must have the right to appeal against assessment decisions which are unclear or seem unfair. The Appeals Procedure must provide an appropriate audit trail of the process and be clearly logged with concise detailed information at each stage.


If a learner is dissatisfied with an assessment decision then they must have a right of appeal.


Stage 1


The learner should raise the issue with their assessor during/at the end of an assessment session or within 7 days of the assessment decision.


The assessor must reconsider the reasons underpinning the decision and provide clear feedback. If the assessor is upholding the original assessment decision, then the learner must be provided with full information describing what is required to demonstrate their competence. This should be provided in writing*, and relate specifically to the standards relevant to the assessment decision.


If the learner remains unhappy with the decision, the learner can make an official appeal of assessment* in writing which will be forwarded to the internal verifier.



Stage 2


The internal verifier reviews all evidence and assessment records in order to consider the appeal. A decision should be made within 5 working days and the learner and assessor must be informed orally and in writing.


If the learner is dissatisfied with the decision the appeal proceeds to stage 3.



Stage 3


The third and final stage involves the right of appeal to the Assessment Appeals Panel. The Internal Verifier should pass all records to the Programme Manager. The Programme Manager will convene an Appeals Panel consisting of, for example,



Both the learner and assessor will be invited to make their case to the panel. The panel will reach its decision within 10 working days.


Results of the appeals panel will be final.


Details of the appeal will be made available to the External Verifier.


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*If the learner is unable to make an appeal in writing, other appropriate substitute methods may need to be adopted e.g. dictation to another person helping the learner with the appeal.